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Because plugins rarely cover 100% of your needs, it’s sometimes necessary to code custom WordPress plugins directly.

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WordPress plugin development

Wp see me

Plugin for triggering Jitsi-based videoconferences from the Amélia reservation plugin. To remain independent of online booking plugins and video-conferencing platforms with mandatory registration.

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Customized videoconferencing plugin

Open Source videoconferencing

Jitsi lets you create unlimited video conferences, directly from your browser and without an account. No personal data is stored.

Amelia compatible

Amelia is one of the best online appointment scheduling plugins for WordPress. Our plugin integrates appointment scheduling with videoconferencing.

2 versions

Amelia is a free plugin, but there is a premium version with more advanced functions. We've adapted wp see me accordingly for your needs.

Custom plugins

Custom WordPress development and code

Contact us to define your specifications together, if you haven’t already done so, and see what needs to be coded.

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Frequently-asked questions

What is a custom plugin on WordPress?

What is a custom plugin on WordPress?
What's the point of coding a WordPress plugin?

With WordPress being the #1 site builder, the plugins available are legion. However, not all of them meet 100% of your needs. In fact, the missing functions are often the most essential to your business. That’s why we code plugins directly for your intenet site.

What's another advantage of a customized plugin?

Plugins are designed to appeal to the widest possible audience. As a result, they often include (too) many options that you may not need.
A custom-made plugin won’t have these superfluous options, and won’t unnecessarily burden your website.

Can plugins be created for all domains?

Yes, the WordPress ecosystem is precisely designed to maximize compatibility and create the plugins you need. A plugin can meet a specific need or complement an existing plugin by adding an extra layer. That’s what we’ve done with wp see me, for example.

Can I disable a custom-developed plugin?

Yes, of course, like all plugins, it can be managed from the extensions. However, we advise you not to activate/deactivate custom plugins on production sites. It’s always better to do this on development sites.

Do I need a specific version of php for my plugin?

Plugins are always created using the current, maintained version of php. Creating a plugin on an obsolete version of php is certainly feasible, but it’s a security vulnerability we absolutely don’t recommend.