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WordPress optimized hosting

Whether on shared or dedicated servers, we manage the hosting of your Wordpress sites. This means your sites perform better and are more secure.
We’re also more agile when it comes to intervening on your sites (backups, bug resolution, etc.).

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WordPress optimized hosting

Safety and performance

Secure servers for hosting your wordpress sites

WordPress website performance


If your site is slow, it’s likely that your hosting isn’t suitable. We’ll advise you on the best solution for your Wordpress.

Enhanced security for your sites

Safety scans

We perform security scans on all our machines. A firewall and banning policy ensure your site’s security.

Automated backups of your WordPress


Because security is paramount, we provide local and remote backups for all our hosting solutions.

Hosting and managed services

Optimized Wordpress hosting solutions

/ Month

Shared web outsourcing

/ Month

VPS SSD Managed Services

/ Month

VPS SSD Managed Services

/ Month

VPS SSD Managed Services

  • Description
  • Disk drive (SSD)
  • RAM
  • CPU
  • Environment
  • Managed services
  • SSL Included
  • Automated, remote backups (10GB included)
  • Performance/availability monitoring
  • mysql restore (on request)
  • Anti-virus scanner
Low-cost Web hosting solution with dedicated server services. Ideal for a WordPress showcase site.
Apache / Nginx / php8 / mariadb
Plesk interface
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The first dedicated, managed virtual server. Ideal for demanding sites.
Managed VPS server
Apache / Nginx / php (version on request) / mariadb
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Dedicated, managed virtual server with high performance at a low price. Ideal for online stores
Managed VPS server
Apache / Nginx / php (version on request) / mariadb
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Management of a dedicated virtual server for high-performance sites/applications.
Managed VPS server
Apache / Nginx / php (version on request) / mariadb
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Multi language support

Tired of web hosts who don't answer your urgent questions, or who systematically tell you that there's no problem when your site is down?
We'll give you precise answers to help you manage your site better.

Wordpress support and maintenance

Support en français

Lassé des hébergeurs qui ne répondent pas à vos questions urgentes ou encore qui vous expliquent systématiquement qu’il n’y a pas de problème quand votre site est hors-service ?

Nous vous fournirons des réponses précises pour vous aider à mieux gérer votre site.


We set up monitoring mechanisms for all the sites we host. We make sure that page availability is optimal, both in terms of performance and content.

We warn you if any problems are detected, so you can react as quickly as possible.

Sauvegardes automatisées

An update and your site’s been turned upside down? We can help you restore your site. Has your site been hacked? We can also help you get it up and running again.

As an option, VPS servers can even restore the database at a specific time to avoid data loss.

Sécurité Wordpress

We have security scans on all the servers we manage. There are 2 levels of scanning:

  1. detection of malware and other infected files
  2. verification of wordpress file hashes

In this way, we ensure that your files are safe, and warn you if any problems are detected.

Gestion de vos serveurs

Would you like to have your own server, but don’t know how to configure and maintain it? We’ll set up the environment for your Wordpress and provide all the tools you need to monitor it.

You’ll benefit from all our services on your own machines.

Maintenance Wordpress

In the event of a breakdown, or any other incident, with the wordpress maintenance option, we will deal with it directly. We’ll keep you informed of any changes or corrections made.

We’ll keep your site fully available, so you can rest easy.

Frequently asked questions

Which hosting for my WordPress?

L'hébergement de mon WordPress
What's the difference between shared, vps and dedicated hosting?

Shared hosting is a server on which several sites are hosted. In general, options are limited in terms of php and performance.

A VPS server is a virtual server: you have complete control over your environment. Performance will depend on server capacity.

A dedicated server is a physical machine. Resources are fully allocated to your site. Performance is maximized because disks are faster to write to.

Which hosting for my WordPress?

This will depend on 3 points:

  • site optimization: is it resource-hungry or not?
  • current traffic: is your site heavily loaded?
  • future traffic: are you planning to increase the number of visits?

Based on these 3 points, we’ll advise you on the best hosting for your WordPress.

What is the backups policy?

All our servers have a dual backup system. Local backups for faster restores, and “remote” backups to compensate for any problems on the hosting site.

Backups are daily for php files and weekly for images, with a one-month retention period.

What is a "mysql on demand" recovery?

If you have an e-commerce site and an automatic update has created bugs during the night, if you wish to restore the site to its previous state, you will lose any orders placed during this period.

On VPS or dedicated hosting, you can activate an option for the database to record all your WordPress transactions. This will make it possible to retrieve orders placed after the backup has been recovered. However, as this may impact performance, this option is not activated by default.