Search engine optimization

SEO and content management

Is your site not visible on Google? If Wordpress is the ideal tool for creating your website, it’s also true that it needs to be optimized for search engine optimization.

We’ll help you move your site up the Google rankings. More visibility = more customers!

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SEO et gestion de contenus

Content strategy

Content and website optimization

SEO audit

The first step in any SEO project is an initial SEO audit. It will help you to (re)define your objectives.

Copywriting content

In SEO, copywriting is essential. You need to optimize content, titles, images, everything that's visible to the web user and Google.

Optimisation du site

Good copywriting is essential, but so is technical optimization. Your site must meet specific criteria (Core vitals)


SEO is a long-term process. A follow-up will be set up to help you optimize your Wordpress site.

Digital strategy

Reach your target (visitors, prospects, customers, etc.)


Do you work in several languages? So do we! We currently work with Spain and have a team of translators to optimize your content.

Machine translations are convenient and cheap, but they won’t improve your positioning.

But we can.

Our expertise

Certified translators

When terms become technical, it's always preferable to have a finer translation.


We work with several translators covering several European languages.

Multilingual Wordpress

We configure your Wordpress to be multi-lingual and to accept visitors from all over the world. Your reach is extended.

Frequently asked questions

Which SEO services are included?

Les prestations de SEO fournies
What content should I provide so that my WordPress is optimized for SEO?

At the start of your project, we’ll ask you for the content to be integrated into your site: texts, images, illustrations etc. If this content isn’t sufficiently optimized for SEO, we can make recommendations and possibly offer you a more complete service, depending on your needs.

What does SEO on WordPress involve?

There are many aspects to SEO. We distinguish between “in-site” and “off-site”. We work mainly on the “insite”, which is your site: technical optimizations and content management. This includes optimizing tags, metas and content. Together we define your objectives and make sure your site meets them.

How to manage SEO in multiple languages?

This requires high-quality, professional translations. Machine translations are not always rigorous, nor are they optimized for SEO. That’s why we rely on a team of sworn translators rather than translation software.

What SEO tracking tools are available for my WordPress?

In general, the tools provided by Google are the most powerful and comprehensive. However, it is also possible to implement tools such as Matomo for tracking to optimize RGPD compliance.